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Finding The Right Recipe

The first step to a successful scrape is using the right recipe.

Recipes are made for either a List page or a Detail page. Recipes only work on the web page they were designed for.

List Page:

Scrape List Page

A list page has multiple items stacked on top of each other. It can have a search bar and display results. Or it can just be a long list, with each item needing its own row in the final CSV.

Each item will normally have a URL to a detail page.

List pages will usually have multiple pages and a need for Next Page functionality.

When building your own recipes, a List recipe will require a step where you find row containers. This is where data will be extracted from. You can learn more about row containers in the "Rows and Columns manual".

Detail Page:

Scrape Detail Page

A detail page displays a single item from the List page.

The detail page typically has a larger image, more detailed information and contact info pertaining to just one subject.

Detail pages typically do not have more than one page and wont require Next Page.

When building your own recipes, a Detail recipe will not require row containers. You will skip straight to columns. You can learn more about columns in the "Rows and Columns manual".

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Updated: 8/1/2020 by Ben
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