Data Miner fills forms for you.

1.Provide an Excel File

2.Watch the form fill

3.See the final report!

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Fill Conference Registration Forms

Use Data Miner to automatically fill the registration form of a conference with employee data from an excel file. Data miner will fill the form and submit it for you automatically and record the results. Saving you the hassle of copying and pasting.

amazon search bar example

Fills form on Amazon

Use Data Miner to auto search sites like Etsy, Amazon and Ebay to find prices for a list of given product names. In a few minutes, you will be exporting product titles, prices, description and ASIN. Always have competitive information with minimal manual work.

Custom form filling Recipes:

  1. One time cost. Run Many Times
  2. Reads from Microsoft Excel
  3. Starting from $300
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