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Rows and Columns

Data Miner works by first identifying a row container that surrounds your data. Then Data Miner extracts items from within these row containers. These containers can be in table form or list form. The Data is extracted into your columns.

Finding Rows:

Rows are selected using Row Selectors. An example of a selected Row is indicated by a red outline in the image below. You must first select the rows that surround your data before you can begin selecting your data. These rows will become the rows in your CSV.

screenshot - containers

Finding Columns:

Once a row is identified we can begin selecting the data we want to extract. The Data is extracted using column selectors. Each column will translate to a piece of data and is indicated by the blue outline below. These columns will become the columns in your final CSV file.

screenshot - item
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Updated: 9/1/2020 by Ben
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