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Scrape Tables with Get Similar

For basic tables, you won't even need to select a recipe. Data Miner is capable of analysing basic tables and extracting data automatically.

To achieve this, highlight a single row of data, right click the data, and select "Data Miner - Get Similar".

Once the table has been analyzed and scraped you will be able to download the data. A recipe for the table will be auto-generated and saved to your My Recipes. This recipe can be renamed and saved to be used later.

Practice Now

    On the table below:

  • Using your mouse: highlight a row.
  • Right-click: the row.
  • Select: Data Miner - Get Similar.
  • Click: download to save the file.
Fruits Qty Price
Banana 12 $4.60
Apples 3 $1.10
Orange 8 $7.00
Kiwi 3 $4.50
Public Recipe Picture
Updated: 6/18/2020 by Ben
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