4 Steps to Get Started

Step 1   - Installation Check

Before you can scrape, you must download the Data Miner extension.
You should see this icon in your browser toolbar.

Data Miner Example

If you don't, you can download the tool below.

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Step 2   - What Data Miner Does

Data Miner helps you scrape data from web pages into a CSV file or Excel spreadsheet.
Scraping is the process of extracting specific parts of a web page into a format like csv or Excel file.

This scraping is done by using the extension when you're on the page and running a Recipe.

Data Miner and Excel

Step 3   - How it Works

A Recipe is your list of instructions for what Data Miner will extract from the page.

With a Free Account, you can use 50,000+ existing recipes made by other users for many websites.

Data Miner Pop UP Data Miner Pop UP Data Miner Pop UP

Step 4   - Sign Up

Sign up for FREE and get 500 page scrapes credits per month
You can get additional scrape credits with a monthly subscription plan.