Product Detail Page


This recipe only works for amazon items that share similar page structure to the pages you see in this video. Some products such as shoes or T-shirts have a different page structure and this recipe will not be able to extract data from those product detail pages.

Example URL:
Created By: User ID: 5361
Last Updated: 2 years a go

How to Use:

  1. Go to and search for an item.
  2. Click on Data Miner icon in the browser address bar
  3. Data Miner will open and automatically scrape current page.
  4. Without closing the Data Miner window switch to Amazon Page and go back a choose a different product.
  5. When the page is finished loading go back to Data Miner window and click on "Re-Scrape" button. This will cause the second item to be scraped and added to the list.
  6. Continue to load any other other in the Amazon window and click on "Re-scrape" button in Data Miner window.
  7. When you are finished with your products. Click on "Download" button in Data Miner window to download the scraped data.