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Learn How to Scrape Basic Tables

Practice Scraping Below

Give it a try with the steps below or continue reading to learn more.

  • Navigate to: the Table Page
  • Open: Data Miner from the top right toolbar
  • Click: the Public tab and select run for * Sandbox - Table Extract
  • Celebrate! And choose your download method

Right Click - Get Similar

Scraping a table is very easy. We always recommend using our quick Right Click - Get Similar Method. The process is simple, highlight a few rows of the table, right click and then select get similar. This will auto generate a recipe and save it to your My Recipes. See a demo below and continue reading to learn how to create Next Page navigation.

The Right Click method does not come with Next Page navigation automatically. You must build this feature. Right Click Recipes must also be written manually in XPath, a language that is not compatible the Recipe Creator find button. You can learn how to write XPath Next Page Navigation on our How to Write a Recipe page.

  • If a site is too challaning to write in Xpath, continue onto Create Recipes.

Use Public Recipes

Right Click - Get Similar is a great way to quickly extract a single table. However, it does not come with pagination. If your table has multiple pages, you might be better off using a public recipe. To use a public recipe, you must first find the data you want to scrape. Data Miner can only extract data when it's visible in your browser. Next, open up the Data Miner extension and find the recipe that best describes your data. Then click on it. Once the recipe runs, click download and open it in Excel. If there doesn't appear to be any recipes under the public tab, this means no other customers have created any yet and you will have to create your own.

You should always find a few generic recipes on any page. These are designed to extract simple items and should work for any site. Below is the pop up where you'll find the public recipes.

Data Miner Pop Up Public tab

Create Recipes

If you're trying to scrape a table with multiple pages and not having any luck with public recipes, you can always easily create your own recipe. Our recipe creator has a smart find tool that allows you to extract data without having to write any code.

The first video above will walk you through the basic process of creating a recipe for a table. However, if you get stuck below is an example of what your selectors might look like:

Row: tr
Column 1: td:eq(0)
Column 2: td:eq(1)
Column 3: td:eq(2)
and so on...

Next Page: a:contains(Next)

Learn More

If you'd like to learn more about Data Miner, we'd recommend checking out our advanced features in the Advanced Learning section.

Public Recipe Picture
Updated: 2/3/2020 by David
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