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Getting Started with Data Miner

Learn Scraping Web Pages and Basic Tables:

In 10 minutes you'll understand Data Miner basics, like how to scrape simple data using public recipes and right clicking. As well as downloading and saving the data.

Public Recipes

Learn Scraping Multi Layered Web Pages:

In 30 minutes you will be able to extract large collections of data and do multi-layer scraping by creating a Data Miner Job

Automated Job
Lessons: Duration:
4) Scraping Different Pages 5 mins
5) Data Miner Jobs 15 mins
6) Advanced Job Settings 10 mins

Extract Data with Custom Recipes and Javascript:

Learn how to write custom recipes and use Javascript to modify the data that you scrape. With these tools you will be able to filter data, split names, click buttons and scrape any site.

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Lesson 1: How to Use Public Recipes

Public Recipe Picture
Updated: 11/24/2016 by David
Contant Me
Key Points

  • Public Recipes are data extraction rules used to scrape website data.
  • Data Miner has over 40,000 Public Recipes.
  • Recipes are filtered for the site you are on.
  • Recipes are build by the Data Miner community.
  • Save recipes for quick access later.
Data Miner Example

To use a Public Recipe, you must first find the data you want to scrape. Data Mine can only extract data when it's visible on your browser.

Next, open up the data miner extension and find the recipe that best describes your data. Then click on it.

Once the recipe runs, click Download and save it to excel.

Practice Now

  • Navigate to: YellowPages.com
  • Search: "Flower Shops"
  • Click: $ Yellowpages - Search
  • Celebrate! And Download

Lesson 2: Automated Page Navigation

Public Recipe Picture
Updated: 11/20/2016 by Ben
Contant Me
Key Points

  • Pagination is navigating between multiple pages.
  • Data Minder can automate pagination for you.
  • The pagination button is in the data miner window in the left panel.
  • You can change the speed for slower internet connections.
pagination example

Multiple page results is very common for search pages. Data Miner can automatically click and scrape multiple pages by finding the next page button and clicking it.

pagination example

To start auto pagination, select a search recipe for a site that has multiple pages. Then in the left hand panel, click Start Pagination and watch the rows accumulate.

pagination example

Once you've accumulated enough rows, simply press Stop Pagination.

Practice Now

  • Repeat Lesson 1: YellowPages.com
  • Click: Start Pagination
  • Accumulate Rows!
  • Click: Stop Pagination

Lesson 3: Right Click and Basic Tables

Public Recipe Picture
Updated: 11/24/2016 by David
Contant Me
Key Points

  • Works on simple tables.
  • Quickly scrapes by highlighting and right clicking.
  • First step to writing your own recipe

For basic tables, you won't even need to select a recipe. Data Miner is capable of analysing basic tables and extracting data automatically with right clicking.

Once the table has been analyzed and scraped, download the data and click save to use later.

Practice Now

    On the table below:

  • Using your mouse: highlight a row.
  • Right-click: the row.
  • Select: Data Miner - Get Similar.
  • Click: download to save the file.
Fruits Qty Price
Banana 12 $4.60
Apples 3 $1.10
Orange 8 $7.00
Kiwi 3 $4.50