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Download web pages from any site.

Use Data Miner to automatically download full HTML web pages from any site. Data miner can scrape the URL, extract the page information, and download the page HTML to your computer.

This Data Miner tool can eliminate any complications by downloading the entire page. Providing you with every bit of information without the need for multiple recipes.

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download image tool

Save Page Snapshots

The Data Miner tool Page Snapshot extracts web page information in HTML format, providing flexibility and power. The text is selectable, images are embedded and the file opens in any browser any time. This single file is saved on your computer and archives the information of that page.

Custom Image Recipes:

  1. One time cost. Run Many Times
  2. Download Any Site
  3. Starting from $300
Request a Recipe Now!

This one time price will get you the web page download recipe and the step by step assistance on how to use it.